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Our Packaging

Jeena Criticare Logistics provides both IATA compliant and validated packaging solutions and bulk shipping containers for your valuable products; temperature controlled packaging solutions are for the transport of investigational drugs or biological samples or bulk shipments of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or clinical trial supplies.

Our range of specialist product packaging is available in various sizes to suit most temperature requirements.

A great deal of effort and money is invested in testing and validating packaging systems to ensure when transporting vaccines, blood, plasma, pathology samples etc. that they arrive in perfect temperature condition and undamaged.

Cold Chain Shipper Validation process requires many tests in controlled and un- controlled ambient conditions. This ensures the temperature of products within the insulated shippers remain within the required temperature limits even when exposed to extreme ambient conditions.

Common Temperature Ranges

-80°C to -20°C
Deep Freezing
-25°C to -15°C
+2°C to +8°C
+15°C to+25°C
Controlled Ambient


We seek the best solution to meet your needs in term of temperature controlled logistics. Our temperature controlled solutions are a range of packaging boxes required for transportation of your shipments.


Frozen Boxes

We have designed range of shipper boxes(5 Kgs, 10 Kgs, 15 kgs) for frozen shipments (-20°C to -40°C). These boxes are used to transport your shipments in dry ice. These solutions are backed up with free dry ice top up replenishments at our hubs.

Refrigerated Boxes

We have designed range of shipper boxes (1 kgs, 3 kgs, 5 kgs) for refrigerated shipments (2 °C to 8°C). We provide conditioned gel packs, bio pouches, absorbents for proper packaging of your shipments for varying distribution times.

Ambient Boxes

We have designed range of shipper boxes (1 kgs, 3 kgs, 5 kgs) for ambient shipments (15°C to 25°C). We provide bio pouches, absorbents for proper packaging of your shipments.



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